Fred Feldman's book

I am a Holocaust survivor born in Baku, Azerbaijan, an immigrant at seven years old to America from parents who grew up in Sokolow. I have just completed my memoir, "The Story Keeper, Weaving the Threads of Time and Memory." The book relates the adversities my parents and I experienced while struggling to survive during WW2 across vast expanses of Soviet territory, to the uncertainties in displaced persons camps, and to the challengers faced arriving in America in 1949. The memoir spins a story that sounds like a novel rather than the factual history that it is.

The threads of the stories woven build a bridge, linking the past to the present, spanning generations, and spanning time. The book connects those who chose early to leave to safety and new lives to those who stayed behind, to some who left in the maelstrom of events and survived by fleeing far to the east, and to some who never left but, tragically, stayed behind.

The threads of the misfortunes of war and separation, of fleeing, of running, and never knowing whether there would be survival or a brighter future, blend with the single thread of hope that weaves all their lives together and presents a tapestry and mirror that reflects the stories of many immigrant survivors and displaced peoples today.

The book is on Amazon scheduled for release on January 27th, International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The book has already received considerable praise.

Fred Feldman

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