Interview with Aaron Elster

Your book will soon be published in Polish. You've been waiting for this for a few years, and now the inhabitants of the town where you were born, will finally be able to read your story. Are you happy with this, or a little afraid of?

I am very happy that it will be published in Polish. It would be great if the book could be used in the towns schools as a piece of history about what transpired during the Holocaust and how one of their former neighbors survived.
My story could be used as way to teach young people about Tolerence, about speaking out against prejudice.To understand that each and every young person can make a difference,can help prevent future Genocides against any people. To accept that we are all different and have to respect one another. After all we all belive in the same God.
 I would like students to know that they can overcome all adversity and become the person they want to be, If they believethat they CAN.

How was Sokolow before the war? Did you have here non-Jewish friends? Was the pre-war anti-Semitism a big problem?