Memorial Book

A delayed L’shana Tova to all and a special thanks to those who chose to make a contributions to JewishGen, the nonprofit organization that is collecting funds to translate the Yiddish version of Memorial Book Sokolow-Podlask into English.

The Yizkor service I attended this Yom Kippur brought to mind a newly translated section of Memorial Book Sokolow-Podlask that was completed since my last email.  Through the graciousness of one donor, pages 451 through 457, entitled “The Bedeveled Circle of Danger,” is now available and can be read at this web page.


When you open the link, scroll down to the Table of Contents and continue scrolling down until you reach page 451.   Click on the sections (hyper-inked in blue) and you can read, in English, the horrors suffered by our ancestors.  At the Yizkor service I attended this Yom Kippur, I remembered my family as well as the hundreds of our ancestors whose lives were ended under the German occupation  I honestly cast a few tears in their memory.

With your more recent donations to JewishGen since the last email, we will be able to continue translate many more pages during 5776.

If you wish to support translating additional pages and/or sections, please use the URL below to access the JewishGen webpage directly and scroll down until you reach the Sokolow Podlaski, Poland – Yizkor Book line:


Your donation will go directly to support this translation, and will be tax deductible.

Thank you for your interest and continued support and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Al Opengart