Looking for Golda Ryba in Bat Yam

 Do you - by any chance - know Golda Ryba (nee Lenczner) who in the 1960s. lived in Bat Yam at 10 Trumpeldor Street? I will publish her testimony in Polish (and in English soon) but maybe there is a chance she still lives in Israel, or her childer, or grandchildren?

She was a 12 years old girl who survived liquidation of the ghetto in Sokolow. She was hiding in nearby villages - escaping not only the Germans but also Polish people who were trying to kill her.


Dror Movement in Sokolow

This picture was taken in the 1930s in Sokolow. It belongs to Moshe Carmeli.

This handsome man with a hat is Hersh Ciechanowiecki.

Dror was founded in Poland in 1915 out of a wing of the Tze'irei Tziyon (Zion Youth) study circle. It is a Jewish Socialist-Zionist cultural youth movement to educate and bring Jewish culture to its members. Members of Dror participated in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. Mordechaj Tenenbaum and other Dror members organised two underground factions in the Bialystok Ghetto.