A fragment of a tombstone

It is a fragment of a tombstone-matzeva found today in Sokołów. During and after the war, matzevot were used to build sidewalks and roads. I believe you can still find them in some places. If you know about such matzevot in Sokołów Podlaski, please contact us! Thank you!

Thank you Ms. Monika for giving it to us!


Book translation project

Dear Friends,

I would like to let you know about the project of translating a book from Yiddish into Polish. Thanks to it, the residents of Sokołów will be able to fully learn - previously unknown - the history of the Jewish community in Sokołów. We will post the entire translation for free on the Internet so that everyone can read it.

Any person who will non-anonymously support this project https://pomagam.pl/en/sokolowpodlaski - will find her/his name at http://sokolow.jewish.pl/