Sokolow Community

Dear friends,
First and foremost, it is so exciting for me (I am Shoshi Shatit, Israel) to see that more and more descandants of SP Community are joing in and are eager to track and keep memory going. As a child , I always used to hear my parents say-"There's no one left". This increasing number of people who are joining us shows this phrase wasn't exact- it depends if you look back or look forward. I think our group looks back only to bring history and truth and legacy forward- to pass it to our children and grandchildren.

I welcome every person who wishes to become our community member, to join our group. So far, we succeeded having two memeorial ceremonies in Israel, a meeting in which people could share and find connections and of course we had the honour of enabling our dear Kasia to visit Israel and participate in the last memorial ceremony we had in Israel.

You can contact me in the following email and I will join your email to the rest of the group so you can ask and share your information with all members.

I wish you a great day,

Shoshi Shatit