Translation of Yizkor Book

My name is Al Opengart and, along with the support of the Jewish Genealogical Society, I have been working on a project to translate into English, an 800 page, 1962 book about the Polish town of Sokolow-Podlaski from the original Yiddish. The shtetl, from which one or more of your ancestors might have emigrated to America, has a rich history and the book recounts all of it – from its beginnings in the 15th Century though and after the Nazi occupation and defeat.

With the numerous small contributions to JewishGen, the nonprofit organization that is collecting funds, over 100 pages have been translated so far and is now available and can be read at this web page.


When you open the link, scroll down to the Table of Contents and read any of the sections (hyper-linked in blue), but, in particular, continue scrolling down until you reach "A memorial list of Victims" and you can see the names of the hundreds of our ancestors whose lives were ended under the German occupation. If you wish to support translating additional pages, please use the URL below to access the JewishGen webpage directly and scroll down until you reach the Sokolow Podlaski, Poland – Yizkor Book line:


Your donation will go directly to support this translation, and will be tax deductible. Thank you for your interest and continued support and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Sokolow survivors in a Displaced Persons camp

Picture of Sokolow survivors in a Displaced Persons camp in Hess Lichtenau (camp Herzog), Germany, probably in 1947.

The board says:
"God will remember the holy people of Sokolow Podlaski who have been killed, burned and strangled by the cursed nazis in the year 1942"

"The three women on the left of the upper row are my mother (in the middle) and her two sisters. My brother is sitting next to the board, on the right side.
The baby in the right side of the picture is myself, sitting with my Father's sister." - writes Moshe Carmeli

Do you recognize your relatives here?


Rodzina Ciechnowiecki - Szulc 1934

Stoją od prawej: Cwi Ciechnowiecki, Abraham Szulc.

Siedzą od prawej: Feiga Ciechnowiecka, sześcioletni Chaim Szulc, babcia Chawa Ciechnowiecka, jednoroczna Ester Szulc na kolanach matki Chaji Szulc z domu Ciechnowiecki, siostra Estery czteroletnia Josefa Szulc.

W 1939 roku mieszkali przy ulicy Pięknej.