A letter from Sokolow

 After I posted a short film about Sokołów, Rachel wrote to me. It turned out that she has letters written to her grandmother before the war. In 1935, Matla left Sokołów for Tel Aviv. In Sokołów, a young man - Chaim (probably Chaim, because we only know the first letter of his name Ch.) Łosicki - missed her.

When I read that in his letter (written in Polish) Chaim was quoting the greatest Polish poet, Adam Mickiewicz, I couldn't hold back my tears. "...How much you are precious, he will only find out who lost you...". Polish-Jewish intellectuals loved Polish culture, but this culture - as we know - rejected them.

I thought that maybe it is worth asking if you have old letters from Sokołów in your archives? Or to Sokołów? In Polish or in Yiddish. I will be grateful if you would like to share them with me. Or maybe you know what happenned to Chaim Łosicki? 

Thank you very much!

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