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A book by Perec Granatsztejn in Polish!

The Gszarim Foundation, thanks to the financial support of the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland and private donors, has published a book - translated by Dr Agata Kondrat from Yiddish into Polish - by Perec Granatsztejn "Sokołów - My Destroyed Town". The publication is available for free here.


Hanukkah in the kindergarten in Sokołów!

Hanukkah in the kindergarten in Sokołów? Yes, why not! The children learned what Hanukkah is, what you can eat and what to play then. The children liked the dreidels very much! We had a great time!
(Picture by Anna Przesmycka-Krysiak)


Historical Jewish Press

On the website with Historical Jewish Press you can find articles mentioning Sokolow

March 09, 1938; Section: Front page, Page: 1

January 29, 1945; Section: Front page

April 02, 1963; Section: Front page, Page: 1


Der Tam

We are still working on transation of the book by Perec Granatsztejn but we already know what will come next!

"Der Tam" , a mock-up of a newspaper, created and handwritten by two uncles of Amir Earon, Avrum-Shiye Weintrob and Aron-Wolf (later known as Zeev) Weintrob. Aron-Wolf was 18 years old, and his brother was few years older. The document was written in 1918 in Węgrów. It is in Yiddish and Hebrew and we want to translate it into Polish.

Signatures from 1926

Polska1926 is a new website where we can find signatures of our ancestors. In 1926 the Polish schools conducted a collection of congratulatory signatures on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of American independence. 5,5 million signatures were signed under the Declaration of Admiration and Friendship with the United States.


The original is in the Library of Congress.

In Sokolow, no signatures of children from the Jewish school were collected, but in the villages near Sokolow, where Jewish children went to one school with Catholic children, their signatures can be found on this document, especially in Sterdyń.