Missing page

As you probably know, this year we are translating the Sokołów Memorial Book (its first 200 pages). This book is in Yiddish, but the copy we have (from the Yiddish Book Center, the same is on the New York library website) has the wrong page number 58. Someone must have made a mistake printing this book because this page is in Hebrew and does not apply to Sokołów, but to some other town.

Is this book in your collection and also has such a wrong page? Or maybe you have the correct page number 58? Let us know!

Attached is also page 57 (this one is ok) just to show you what we are looking for.

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  1. Hello Kasia, just noticed that page 58 is in hebrew also in my copy!
    It´s a part about a carpenter and doesn´t look the continuation of the previous page (57)
    Will try to find out the missing one