Translation of another Sokolow book

“Good-times” of Early Sokolov Immigrants in Chicago

However much one longs for his 'old home' one, meanwhile, tries to make the best of things as they are and to 'have a good time'. On Sundays and holidays there usually was a gathering at someone's home, someone who already had become more or less established and had his family with him. Often these gatherings were at the home of Chaim Israel Elster, Shamai Greenberg, Mendel Vishni or Chair Leib Rosenbaum. At such affairs there was much to eat and drink. Especially when they celebrated over 'home-made' foods, and dishes they had liked in Sokolov. The delicacies consisted of roasted meats, fried liver, baked fish, and 'kliskelech' with liver, potatoes with 'pope zatse'. Each one of the landslayt brought some foodstuffs or drink. Often, Avrum Bornstein, who was earning well and who was a good sport, bore all the expenses of such an affair.

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