Family pictures of Amir Earon

My father standing on the right, my mother is standing second from left.

This picture is from farewell party for my parents going to Palestine, 1933. In the front row on the left – my cousin Matl-Lea Frider, my mother Riwka Sztutman, nee Wajntrob, My father Shepsel Sztutman.

My father is sitting in front, left – Yosel Rozentsweig, right Eliezer (?)

From right: my father, Yosel Rozentsweig, (?)

From left: my father, Yosel Rozentsweig, Alter Shuster

My father is in front left, to the best of my knowledge this group is members of the Poalei Zion Party.

Girl class 1921 – standing on the right is my mother, Riwka (Riwky) Sztutman, nee  Wajntrob. She was 16 years old.

Group of friends winter 1931 – the man with the lighter coat is my father Shepsel Sztutman.

My father, Shepsel Sztutman is the short guy with the lighr coat.

Poalei Zion friends – I know my father only – sitting on the right.

Amir Earon

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